Help Us Retake the Senate and Regrow our Economy!

A democratic majority in the State Senate would promote policies that prioritize fully funding public education and stop the incessant attacks on teachers, a transportation revenue package that could create 85,000 family wage jobs all across the state, vote for a capital budget that not only would create thousands of jobs but would build the infrastructure our schools and businesses need to thrive, support a woman’s right to choose the number, timing and spacing of her children, and ensure that a woman’s decision about a pregnancy will be up to her and her family and not her insurance provider. All of us working together and contributing to the campaign can make these policies a reality in our state. I hope you will join me and my Senate Democratic Colleagues as we work together to retake the senate.Let’s get the job done!

Below is a video explaining just one of many reasons we need to take back the majority in the State Senate. Our opponents in the other party are so tied to "deregulation" that they are even willing to risk the one of the largest revenue producing industries on our state - farming - simply to allow major corporations the right to hide from us what they are doing to and putting in our food. If we can regain control of the State Senate, we will have a better chance of passing a bill I have written requiring corporations to label what is actually in the food they are producing so we consuming can decide for ourselves whether we want to continue eating "GMO" products that are banned almost everywhere else in the world! your social media marketing partner

We Have a Right to Know about GMOs (Genetically Modified Products)


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32nd Legislative District

The 32nd District includes the Cities of Shoreline, Lynnwood, Woodway, Seattle, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, and parts of unincorporated Snohomish County. MAP

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